Has smartphone browsing changed everything?

Posted On October 1, 2017

Smartphone Browsing

Are you reading this on your smartphone? If not, you’re probably at work!

We use our smartphones every spare minute we have; on average we check our phones around 75 times and spend over 3 hours online in a single day. I don’t know about you, but I’m not sure how I find the time!

We all know that the growth of social media changed the internet overnight; when you look at it, the smartphone has played a similar role with millions of users now using a mobile and social media to order shopping, find directions and even answer questions.

Research conducted by Adobe showed smartphone traffic could be broken down to reveal 61% came from Google while 16% found the site using facebook; showing how users interact with brands is quickly changing.

Is the desktop dead?

No! We still need laptops, tablets and desktops to work on from a corporate level, but it appears our social lives have become consumed mobile. Google’s latest update now ranks sites with good mobile optimisation in front of those that don’t. With changes like these, it’s hard to see why we’d fire up a laptop when the digital world is at our fingertips.

What’s to come?

It’s hard to know what to expect when smartphone companies are focusing on cameras, speed and charging. We’re not even sure how our day to day lives will change with the new iPhone X launch….. other than people now pulling faces at their phone for emojis.

We do know that video is continuing to grow, and the Blogosphere is getting bigger every day as corporates jump on the bandwagon.

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