Your Phone Knows Everything About You…

Posted On September 12, 2017

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Ok, it’s a bit of a scary title but google and your phone really do know what you’re doing, all the time!

If you’re a law-abiding citizen who isn’t afraid of being tracked this isn’t necessarily a bad thing. When you get in your car from a weekend away chances are your phone will tell you how long it will take you to get home, and if there’s any traffic to avoid. If you’re worried about location services you can read on to find out how to turn it off.

Your phone isn’t the only thing that knows what you’re up to; Google also stores a lot of data on you. Why? Don’t worry it’s nothing sinister, it’s all down to advertising, it’s how they make money and why you get adverts that match what you’ve recently been searching.

How to stop Google tracking you.

Google actually saves all your searches; yep, even the time you googled ‘cats hate cucumbers’. If you’d like to ensure your search history isn’t stored up head over to the google chrome menu, (three dots in the top right) and choose history, clear browsing data. If you’d like to prevent it storing any future details being stored, be sure to turn toggle tracking off.

Do you use voice search on your mobile or PC?

Google’s been tracking those too, with a recording of your voice. You can head to googles voice and audio activity page to remove them. Alternatively, if you’re feeling brave you can listen to them and hear some of your latest search commands.

Your phone’s tracking your location

Along with your entire search history, your phones tracking your location. It knows where you live or visit frequently, including the local take away every Friday night. To prevent this happening and remove the information, be sure to delete your history on you google maps account too.
You can also stop location services on your phone in either Android or iOS. Keep in mind this will affect using things like google maps.

If you’d really rather become totally anonymous on the web, you can actually clean up all your online accounts and delete the lot. Visit to digitally remove yourself and your footprint.

If you’re selling us your old laptops or mobile phones don’t panic we also wipe your devices but to be sure, follow the tips on the individual device pages to wipe them yourself.


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