Nokia 8 Launch

Posted On August 18, 2017

Since the dawn of the Nokia 3310 we’ve been inundated with new features and fads every time a new mobile phone is released. This August we saw the launch of the Nokia 8; we’re not sure how they went from model 3310 down to 8, but we’ll go with it!

Since Apple has focused more on performance over their last few releases it’s exciting to see what Nokia is bringing to the party. Previously they launched some of the first waterproof phones so we’re keen to know what’s in-store for the Nokia 8.

Advanced Selfies

It’s been announced they have invented the ‘bothie’. If you’re feeling confused and unsure what this means; don’t worry you’re not alone. It’s a selfie where you can take a photo with the front, and back camera at once.

Be Social

The ‘bothie’ is actually designed for things like Facebook live so you can share your face and whats happening in front of you using both camera lenses. For example a concert, you can show the stage and your friends dancing with you.

A picture speaks 1000 words

It looks like this latest phone from Nokia has focused primarily on updating its camera features and casing. With the modern trends of Snapchat, Instagram and Facebook live; it’s an obvious step for mobile phone companies to be prioritising these features and leading the craze.

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