Is the Nokia 3310 as good 17 years on?

Posted On June 23, 2017

Nokia 3310

We were all feeling a little nostalgic when the Nokia 3310 returned after 17 years. When you’re selling your old phone you don’t expect to be buying a similar model so many years later!

The Nokia 3310 was originally launched in the year 2000, just after we were expecting to all be obliterated by the millennium bug. Now we’ve all recovered from the impending doom that never arrived, we’ve seen huge advances in technology. After years of android and apple devices, we wondered how the recycled Nokia 3310 compared to the latest 2017 ‘upgrade’.


When you first look at the design of the new and improved Nokia 3310 you can’t help but think it’s been on a diet for the last few years. It’s a much thinner device no doubt due to the advances in technology; unfortunately, without the weight and bulk of its earlier counterpart, it feels like it’s lacking a little. It’s also got much more rounded corners than its predecessor but it actually feels more ergonomically designed.

The phone now comes in a range of colours but only with a removable back, so gone are the days of changing your phone case to fit your mood or style.

Although not enormously bigger the new phone actually has a screen almost double the size. It’s also now a colour screen which might take away some of the retro feel of the black monochrome colour scheme the original supported.


The Nokia 3310 2017 version is packed full of features the old school phone just didn’t have. It includes Bluetooth, micro USB and micro SD slots. It’s even got a camera (even if it’s not that good), something we couldn’t have imagined when the first Nokia appeared on the market.

The Battery

Alongside how indestructible the phone was the battery life was also incomparable to any of its modern day counterparts. This was due to the phone screen not being in colour and the lack of apps and internet connection. The new version still puts modern phones to shame with a standby battery life of 31 days.

The Verdict

The only reason you’d really get the Nokia 3310 is for snake. Unfortunately, it’s been updated to make it colourful and smooth. The new game has lost its retro appeal, making it feel like all the other apps on the market. It’s still a great phone for durability and battery life but it’s not quite got the same charm as the original version.

The price of the original phone reflected how much we loved it, in 2000 it was £129 and in 2017 its next generation is just £49.

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