Eco-Friendly Phones

Posted On April 1, 2018

It’s strange to think of gadgets being eco-friendly, yet there are some comparatively eco-friendly mobile phones on the market.

What is an eco-friendly phone?

Unfortunately, there’s not a phone that’s completely green, they still have metal and plastic cases but there are some phones that use up fewer damaging resources than others.

It’s thought that more than half the world’s population owns a mobile phone; they have essentially become mini computers.

The Future of Phones

It’s now thought that by the end of 2018 there will have been over 400 million phones developed using at least 50% recycled content. Some phone companies are requiring their devices all meet these standards to ensure the materials aren’t contributing to toxic waste issues.


E-waste is a huge problem across the whole globe, with thousands aware of the issue of coffee cups and plastic in the home; many neglect technological waste.

Did you know, one of the greenest phones you can purchase is a second hand one; this is because there is usually life left in them once your contract is up and you’ve upgraded.

The Fairphone 2

This phone is quite literally one of the most eco-friendly phones. The designers have even considered how phones often need repairs like screen changes. This phone has been designed to be easily fixed; it’s created to be modular with spare parts on their online shop. It even includes tutorials!

This phone is perfect for a budding designer or engineer, teaching the user to repair an old gadget, but it also preventing the need to throw a whole product away.

Obviously, the parts for repair don’t come cheap; the screen is the most expensive part costing around 85.70 euros.

Not only is it easily repaired, it’s made out of recycled plastic and aluminium; unfortunately this does make it feel a little cheap for the price though.

The phone costs around $590, which is similar to other devices on the market.

The Sony Xperia ZR

This is another extremely eco-friendly phone; this device is created out of 99% recycled materials to contribute to a sustainable society. The eco-friendly materials help to make the device extremely light weight. The screen is shatterproof and the phone is fully water resistant down to 1.5m for up to 30 minutes.

Unfortunately, this device is quite low end but it’s a great smartphone for the price and it’s far more eco-friendly than some of the devices on the market.

If you’d like to recycle your old tech devices like mobiles, tablets and computers to contribute to a greener tech industry. Please visit our website for a quick and simple quote.


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