iPhone X face recognition issues

Posted On November 15, 2017

Unfortunately, this week Apple has been back in the news. Although the iPhone X was long awaited the problems appear to be stacking up; this time it’s the face recognition software causing problems.

This isn’t the first time face recognition has bee a problem on this device for apple. During the launch, they tried to demonstrate the software when it failed in front of a live audience.

How face recognition works?

The iPhone X maps your face through a series of images when it scans your face each time it checks to see if it matches. If it recognises the image, it will unlock, if it doesn’t, the phone remains locked.
This is something we’ve seen working well with iris recognition on googles devices, Samsung and other major competitors.

Whats wrong with apples face recognition?

It all started when a security firm managed to make a 3D print of someone’s face and managed to unlock their phone.

This inevitably sent the internet into a frenzy testing their devices for security floors. It’s since emerged that a 3D printer isn’t even required to hack into the phone. One family discovered its similar facial features are enough to convince the device. A family discovered their 10-year-old boy was able to unlock his mum’s phone in one look. Fortunately, they found the trick didn’t work as well on his dad’s phone.

How to secure your iPhone

Whether you have the iPhone X or not, it’s important to add some security measures in for added protection. Two-factor authentication is one of the best ways to be notified when someone is trying to hack your account. Be sure to keep your software up-to-date; apple often release updates to help ensure devices are kept secure when a security floor is discovered.

If you’re worried about the security of your iPhone X please visit the apple support page.

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