Huawei Introduce AI into New Phone

Posted On October 18, 2017

Introducing AI into the mobile industry

Introducing AI

Every few weeks a new phone enters the market boasting new technology. The latest phone to make headlines is anticipated to be rivalling Apple and Samsung with the inclusion of artificial intelligence.

The Chinese company Huawei has announced the Mate 10 and Mate 10 Pro will feature dual cameras and advanced scene detection. Although it is just scratching the surface; the introduction of AI could change how we use our phones in the future.

What is AI?

Artificial intelligence sounds frightening; it evokes images of intelligent robots taking over the world. Before you panic it’s quite handy; although you’re smartphone might not be making you toast in the morning just yet, it could mean that it’s not far off.

What we’re seeing at the moment is an extremely basic form of AI on our phones; the likes of Siri and Cortana are continually collecting information about the way you use their services.

This technology has been around for a while but as phones develop you may start to notice you’re apps joining in. For example, Spotify now knows when you’re connected to your car Bluetooth and alters the facilities for driving.

Some of these features mean, in theory, the phone can learn from its user. Why is this useful? It can, therefore, anticipate the actions you’ll be taking, helping it to open applications quicker.

The future

As the software develops we may find our apps booking restaurants for us, understanding our wake up routine and with tools like Phillips hu and hive, having our homes working on autopilot.

Currently, Siri and other PA’s on our devices have a robotic style voice; soon they will become more personable, and able to read and understand our tone of voice.

Although this may all sound a little frightening, there’s always the option to switch the technology off. It’s no different to having a PA except, it’s automated so you don’t even have to ask.


This latest technology highlights how the Apple iPhone is beginning to get left behind. With all other devices on the market supporting simultaneous front and back camera usage, it may be time for Apple to up their game. As mobile phone brands bring AI into the market, it will quickly become a race to change the way we interact with our phones.

We’re excited to see how Huawei succeeds with the Mate 10; as with any new technology there’s the occasional hiccup but unfortunately, that’s inevitable.

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