Google Pixel 2 Review

Posted On January 24, 2018

This week we’re reviewing the Google Pixel 2; there’s been a lot of hype about this phone along with some very clever advertising.

First impressions on the Google Pixel 2

It’s hard to deny that the Google Pixel 2 makes you re-think a phone, whats familiar and what’s necessary. The Pixel has no headphone jack and its tall curved 18.9 display makes it feel almost futuristic.

The software and the camera on this phone are something you’ve never seen before on a mobile. It’s not caught up in making things complicated, offering the software you need rather than complexity for the sake of it.

To The Nitty Gritty – Price

In comparison to the new iPhone X and Samsung S8, the Google Pixel is extremely well priced at £639 for a 64gb phone. The device has been available since November and comes in black, white or blue. It’s also available with an enormous 128gb.

With prices skyrocketing for phones in the last 12 months, it’s surprising that this fantastic smartphone is such a reasonable price. It caters for those who hate Android and are fed up with Apple slowing their devices.


The sound quality of this device is excellent; Google has put the speaker in the front, this has drastically improved the audio quality from its predecessor.

Fingerprint entry is a little strange to get used to; it’s actually on the back of the device, so if you’re coming from Apple, Samsung or most other phone makes you’ll have to get used to it being on the back. After a while, this will become natural. Generally, when you’re holding your phone, your fingers are actually at the back so it’s a natural process.

Finally, the screen on the Pixel 2 is incredible, it’s OLED so displays a wider colour range along with its QHD resolution. Unlike most phones, the screen has rounded corners to match the exterior. If you’re a fan of the vibrant colours on Samsung devices though, you might be a little disappointed; the colours look more natural than the AMOLED screens on the S8.


The phone has now become available on all networks; previously it was only available on a pricy tariff from EE. Unfortunately, it’s not available on 3 just yet but with ID, O2, EE and Vodaphone supplying the phone with monthly contract’s there’s plenty to choose from. With such a reasonable price for the phone, it may work out more cost-efficient to sell your old mobile and pay for the phone upfront. This helps to negotiate a great sim only fee with network providers.


If you can’t tell we’re definitely a fan of the Google Pixel 2; it’s a breath of fresh air from the usual Android or Apple software. If we’re honest it’s missing a few features but they aren’t huge issues. For example wireless charging, optical zoom and no headphone jack; so you’re expensive Bose or Beats are now useless.

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