Are smashed phone screens a thing of the past?

Posted On June 29, 2017

broken phone screen

We’ve all been there, it happens as if it’s in slow motion; as your phone slips out of your hand you see it tumbling towards the floor. You’re now staring at a smashed phone screen.

Sometimes you can stick out a limb to soften the blow, but before it even hits the ground you know the screen is smashed. Sure enough, when you pick it up there’s either one enormous crack or shattered into millions of pieces.

At Cash In Your Gadgets, we see so many screens smashed and scratched we started to investigate why some survive a drop and others don’t.

What Causes the screen to smash?

When you drop your phone the impact caused actually generates energy, this is what you hear when it hits the ground. The energy produced is stored in the glass which results in the crack or smashed result.

How to prevent your phone Screen cracking

There are two main factors that will determine the state of your phone when you drop it; strength and the number of times it’s been dropped. Unfortunately, the strength of a phone screen depends on how many blows it can take before it shatters, so if you’re clumsy, the odds are stacked against you.

The Way Your Device Falls

How your phone lands will play a part in whether it will survive the drop. If your phone lands face down you’re likely to escape unscathed because the impact is spread across the whole surface of the device. It may have done some damage to the glass, but it’s not visible to the naked eye, until the next drop.

If your phone or tablet lands on a corner, the impact and energy are focused in a small area of glass. With the full force of the fall in one central point on the device, you’re likely to experience a smashed screen.

Is the solution Gorilla Glass

Gorilla Glass was released several years ago and is one of the toughest types of glass on the phone and tablet market. Supposedly unscratchable and unshatterable, it’s designed for mobiles and tablets, and used in most modern devices. It’s actually used on over 65 devices on sale today, but will it prevent you from smashing your screen?

With a quick google, there are lots of videos on Gorilla Glass screen repairs, which proves they are unfortunately still breakable. As mobile phone companies battle over features and screen quality, it’s only a matter of time before a device comes out that proves to truly be crack/smash proof.

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