Why Buy My Laptop? Five Top Replacement Devices

Posted On February 19, 2016

Why is it worth seeing if someone will buy my laptop? This is a question you should ask if you are no longer content with your portable PC of choice, since it will set you on a journey of discovery that should lead you to uncover the perfect replacement.

Not every option will suit everyone, but here are five devices that you might think about selecting for investment in once you have got rid of a laptop that is surplus to requirements.

iPad Pro

Apple’s 12.9 inch tablet is somewhat unconventional, but it is arguably a modern equivalent of the traditional laptop because it is not only highly portable but also has plenty of productivity features and can be a great accompaniment for work and play alike.

Samsung Galaxy Note 5

If you are serious about asking someone to ‘buy my laptop’ then you may want to consider Samsung. With a 5.7 inch screen, this phablet is bigger than most other smartphone models on the market and comes with its own smart stylus, as well as exceptionally powerful components under its sleek, stylish surface. The Galaxy Note 5 is the all-in-one portable computing solution that will make you wonder why you ever bothered with anything larger.

Lenovo Yoga 900S

When it comes to beating Apple at its own game, Lenovo has taken the lead with the new Yoga 900S. It is not only thinner than equivalently powerful MacBook models but also boasts a flexible design that lets the display be arranged in a number of configurations for added convenience.

Dell Chromebook 11

For less than £200 this Chrome-powered laptop delivers in a lot of areas, with a dual-core processor, 4GB of RAM, an 11.6 inch high-definition display and a 16GB solid-state storage solution making it quicker and more responsive than Windows models that cost twice as much.

Microsoft Surface Pro 4

Microsoft’s fourth-generation tablet hybrid is arguably the best model in its class at the moment. In fact, it is so good that the iPad Pro was launched in order to compete with it, suggesting that Apple is a major admirer of features such as the keyboard cover and stylus.

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