Who Will Buy My Laptop? Making Tech Ownership Sustainable

Posted On October 26, 2015

By the end of the decade, the UK is aiming to have increased recycling rates to 50 per cent. And while household waste plays a big part in improving the environmental credentials of the country, consumers are also being encouraged to think about how they dispose of their electronic items.


E-waste is problematic because much of it is exported, with old laptops, PCs and other pieces of hardware ending up in places like China, where they are not guaranteed to be disposed of or recycled in a safe and sustainable way.

Once you realise ‘someone will buy my laptop’, things become a lot easier and sustainability can be attained within the tech industry thanks to the actions of consumers. Reselling your device so that it can be used by someone else, perhaps after a minor refurbishment has been carried out, is the most eco-friendly option, and it is a route that a growing number of British people are taking.

The Power of Choice
Laptop owners have lots of options at the end of a device’s usable life, but in too many instances people can procrastinate and an old portable PC will end up left unused in a corner or packed away in the attic, where its intrinsic value decreases and it becomes more and more likely to simply end up being sent to landfill.

For people who are feeling generous, giving away an old laptop to a family member or friend can be a great way of extending its usefulness for someone who really needs it and also keeping it away from the scrap heap for longer.

Specialists Will Buy My Laptop
If a laptop is very sluggish in the performance stakes, is in need of repair work for which you are not willing to pay or you do not have someone to hand it down to, then selling it is sensible.

You can sell laptops privately, but it is quicker to get a quote from a professional organisation so that the true value of it can be assessed and you can receive payment promptly.

Check out the rest of the site if you want to sell your laptop without any hassle and make a return on your original investment in the device when the time has come to part ways with it.

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