Where Did Your Old Laptop Go?

Posted On January 23, 2019

Gadget Recycling

Ok, so you did the wrong thing, you didn’t sell your old laptop to Cash In Your Gadgets; instead, you threw it in the bin…so where is it now? Probably in a landfill somewhere… it could actually be anywhere in the world.

What Happens To Recycled PC’s

For those of you who did the right thing and used a gadget recycling scheme, parts of it could now be in Shanghai. Here, there’s a sprawling factory complex which deals with the plastic used in PCs. Ground down into tiny pellets, they started their journey to becoming new electronic devices.

If the laptop was quite modern or in a good working condition, chances are it was re-homed like an old dog, with someone who doesn’t ask much from it but needed a new-ish device.

Dell have said they gathered more than 177 million pounds worth of used electronics in 2017; which is a lot of PC’s to break down, and grind up into plastic pellets ready to create new PC’s.

Using Old To Create New

Computer companies have very much changed their attitude in the last 5 years about recycling. Closed-loop-recycling can be quite profitable for these companies; recycling old laptops or gadgets to create new versions with the same materials.

It’s thought by 2021 (in 2 years time) the globe will generate 57 million tons of e-waste. It’s now become one of the fastest growing waste streams which has a vast impact on both the environment and economic opportunity.

We’ve already blogged about the impact of precious metal mining which has decimated the forests and gorilla populations. Alongside the animal populations, we blogged about the ‘Burner boys‘ in Africa who are experiencing health implications from burning plastic off the cabling to sell on the metals. Finally, there are the chemicals leaking into landfills from non-recycled devices…

In 2018 there was only a fraction of the world’s e-waste which was recycled; when you consider many devices are coated in flame retardant materials & chemicals, including mercury, lead and arsenic, it’s no wonder our planet is suffering.

Our goal for 2019 is to encourage as many people as possible to recycle their devices appropriately. Selling your old laptop can prevent new materials being mined and old plastics being disposed of. It can help prevent dangerous substances being left to scorch the earth and reduce the damage to the already damaged world we live in.

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