When You Trade In Laptop Models, Is a Touchscreen Essential?

Posted On November 27, 2015

The keyboard and mouse combination has been the preferred way of interacting with PCs for decades, providing accurate and fast inputs that work well for everything from typing to gaming and beyond.

But in the past few years the rise of smartphones and tablets has made touchscreen technology far more sought after amongst consumers. And there is no denying the intuitive nature of tactile interactivity made directly with the display of a device.


Modern laptops have followed this trend, with some models offering touch-sensitive screens to users. But there are also plenty of modern units which stick with traditional displays that do not have the ability to detect fingertip inputs.

So should you trade in laptop models which do not have touchscreens, or is it safe to upgrade to a computer that is still firmly reliant on a more traditional design?

Touch Functionality
A touchscreen in itself is a nice addition to a laptop, but for its potential to be fulfilled it is necessary for the underlying software to offer a compatible and compelling experience.

Thankfully, the latest versions of Windows have been tailored towards the use of touchscreens, with the new Windows 10 and also the outgoing Windows 8.1 platform both offering a deep level of integration with this technology.

But while the modern OS may be up to the task of embracing touchscreen capabilities, this is not always the case with the software apps and games that you use. So bear in mind that even with a touchscreen in tow, a new laptop will still require you to use keyboard and mouse for many interactions.

Best of Both Worlds
Some might argue that a laptop with a touchscreen is a better choice than a non-touch laptop or a standalone tablet without any physical buttons or trackpad. And it is certainly true that this type of interactive display broadens the potential for interaction and experimentation.

Price may be the biggest hurdle to overcome when considering a touchscreen laptop upgrade, as devices that sport this hardware will be more expensive than equivalent non-touch models.

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