When to Trade In Laptop Models That Are Past Their Prime

Posted On January 20, 2016

Laptops can last for years, but over time the decline in their performance is inevitable. This can be caused by a combination of factors, from the operating system being overburdened with software running in the background to the power required to run the latest apps increasing beyond what your machine can offer.


But when should you trade in laptop models that are giving you grief due to sluggish performance? And are there ways to breathe life into older portable PCs and keep them ticking over for a little longer?

Long-Term Planning
Laptops do not lend themselves to hardware upgrades in the same way as desktop PCs. So even if your machine is no longer covered by the manufacturer’s warranty, you may not want to go tinkering under the skin to enhance it manually.

Instead, it is a good idea to take the software route, with excellent programs such as CCleaner helping you to brush out the cobwebs and eliminate any annoying build-up of temporary files, unused registry entries and unwanted programs.

For fans of the web, it is a good idea to choose an efficient browser for your online activities. And Firefox is arguably a little less demanding than Chrome in terms of using a laptop’s resources. You might want to make use of ad-blocking plug-ins as well, as these will prevent annoying promotional materials from consuming more of your computer’s RAM while you are online.

Time to Trade In Laptop
If you have tried all of these steps and your laptop is still running very sluggishly, then trading it in is going to be your best bet, since no PC can last forever and after four or five years even the quickest laptops will start to feel their age.

Now is a good time to upgrade, since modern machines not only come with more storage and RAM than ever, but many models also feature SSDs, which boost loading speeds and improve performance across the board.

You can trade in laptop models by searching our site and finding out how much yours is worth if you find that it is past its prime and in need of replacing. And the cost of an upgrade will fall if you get cash for your old laptop online.

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