Whats better for university a laptop or tablet?

Posted On September 7, 2017

Start University with a new laptop or tablet

It’s challenging trying to save money for university and equip yourself with all the things you need for your course. Having the right laptop or tablet can help with your studies but, which is right for you?

That depends on the course you’re taking, if it’s an art degree, chances are a Microsoft surface will do the trick as your coursework will primarily be … well, art based. If you’re taking a law or business degree, you’ll be doing rather a lot of writing/typing.

Things to consider

While in lectures do you intend to take notes by hand, or by PC? OneNote is a great tool, free on iPad and Windows it enables you to take notes as if it was in a well organised, digital notepad.

Tablets are a great way to take notes and have legible notes. Something you have to be aware of is backing up your work, so you don’t lose your hard earned notes.

So what is better?

Laptops are quite heavy to take to a lecture every day, but there are some really great ones on the market which are lightweight and small enough to fit in a little bag. These are usually extremely powerful and will last you all 3 years including your dissertation.
They also run programs such as Microsoft OneNote so you’re not missing out on the well-organised note taking apps.

Small Laptops

It’s hard to know what type of laptop you need, depending on what you’ll be using it for and what programs you’ll be running. As a general overview go for something lightweight but powerful as you may need special programs when it comes to your final year dissertation. Lenovo offers a range of great 14-inch devices.

Tablets and Dual Devices

Alternatively, if you’re looking for a laptop that converts to a tablet, there are gadgets such as the Microsoft Surface and the Lenovo Yoga 310. These lightweight mini laptop tablets are great for travelling with, and using in different environments; although the small screens could prove problematic when writing long assignments.

Regardless of the device you get, our best advice is to back up your work at least once a month. Unfortunately, there are a few students on every course who lose their dissertation or assignments at some point during their course.

If you’ve already got a laptop and are looking to upgrade it for university, why not sell your old one to put towards a new smaller version. If you’re already sorted with your back to school equipment, there’s always the chance to round up all your old gadgets for extra freshers week funds!

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