What to Consider Before You Sell Your Laptop and Gadgets

Posted On October 15, 2015

laptop and gadgets

In this modern day, most of us have gadgets of some kind. Whether that is a mobile, camera, laptop, tablet, a combination of those or all of those. Often, we are eager to replace our gadgets, whether that is because our old ones no longer serve our purposes or whether we just want the next big thing. Rather than throwing our old electronics away, we can instead choose to sell them. Read on to find out more about why selling your laptop and other gadgets is a good idea, and what you should consider before you sell them.

Why Sell My Laptop and Other Gadgets?

Choosing to sell your used electronics is a great way to get rid of your unwanted goods whilst reaping the benefits. First of all, choosing to sell your gadgets, as opposed to throwing them away, means that you get some money towards new ones. Electronics can be incredibly expensive, especially if you want the next best thing, and having even a small amount towards it can be a great help.

Secondly, selling your gadgets means that the environment doesn’t suffer from your wastage. Disposing of gadgets can be harmful to the environment, especially if they end up in landfill, as toxic substances in the gadgets and the batteries can cause significant damage to the earth and water. Selling them to a new owner or a company who will recycle the parts means that you can get rid of your gadgets responsibly and easily.

Finally, selling your gadgets may be the only way you can benefit from it if it is in particularly bad condition. If your laptop is broken or faulty, then you may find that it is impossible or too costly to fix. In these cases, the best option is often to sell it to a professional gadget recycling company or individual with extensive know-how of electronics to either fix or recycle. Since a professional company or individual company would not need to ‘outsource’ someone to fix the problem, they will be able to do it for much less than it would cost to hire someone. Thus, they can pay you for the gadget and you save the time and money spent getting it repaired.

When Should I Sell My Laptop and Other Gadgets?

Generally speaking, it is best to sell your gadgets as soon as possible, as electronics tend to quickly lose value. Depending on when you bought the gadget, it may be relatively new, may be nearing the end of its product cycle, or it may be an older product. If the gadget is relatively new, and still highly popular, then you are likely to receive a good price for it. Whilst it is important for you to make sure you sell your gadget when it is still popular, this is the best position to be in as you have more flexibility on when to sell and can expect a decent amount of money.

If you do not sell whilst the gadget is at the peak of its popularity, then the amount you should expect will decrease as the gadget comes closer to the end of its product cycle. If this is happening, and there is a newer model expected to be out soon, then you should strongly consider selling your gadget quickly before it becomes the older model, when its value will drop.

If your gadget is an older model, then you should expect less than if it were a new one, but the amount received is often significant nonetheless. How much you should expect to receive at this stage depends largely on exactly how old the model is – the older the product, the less it is worth. Again, at this stage it is best to sell quickly as value can drop dramatically, especially with new releases.

Care and Repair

It is essential for you to take good care of any gadgets that you wish to sell, in order for you to get a decent amount of cash for your laptop or other gadgets. Damage as seemingly unimportant as a superficial scratch can significantly reduce the amount of cash you can get for your gadgets. More serious damage could reduce the amount sold for dramatically, or could even leave the gadget virtually valueless and impossible to sell. Most of us choose to take good care of our gadgets anyway, but may have previously been unconcerned with the aesthetics of our electronics. If you are considering selling, however, then the upmost care should be taken.

In order to protect your gadgets, there are a number of different types of product you can buy to keep them in top condition. First of all, bags, cases and screen protectors can be bought for virtually all devices, and are the best option for ensuring your phone, tablet, laptop or other device is not damaged from the occasional bump or scrape it will inevitably receive. Bags, cases and screen protectors are relatively inexpensive and could save you a significant amount of money when it comes to selling. Bags, cases and screen protectors often protect from more serious damage too, although you should not rely on them to do so. A phone dropped whilst in a full case, for example, is much less likely to suffer a shattered screen as a result of the fall. Some people may choose not to use a bag, case or screen protector as they believe that it will reduce the aesthetic appeal of their gadget. However, there are plenty of case/bag designs that allow you to still have a decent looking piece of equipment, and you can even get personalised designs.

Other products you can buy to help ensure your gadgets do not get broken include hand or shoulder straps. Depending on the device, you may be able to purchase straps that can be directly attached, or straps that can be attached to a case in which you keep your device. Straps which go around your wrist can be particularly helpful for gadgets such as phones and cameras, as these are often used whilst on the move. Small devices are easy to accidentally drop, but attaching them to yourself using a strap ensures that they will not hit the ground and become damaged. Straps for bags or cases are equally helpful if you transport your device on your person, as they allow you to simply attach the device to yourself, usually over a shoulder, and prevent dropping it.

Additionally, in order to keep your gadgets in perfect working order, there are a number of other things to consider that do not necessarily involve products or expense. Firstly, you should always keep your charger cables in a safe place where they will not receive any damage, including whilst they are charging your device. It is always a good idea to keep them away from any walkways in order to prevent injury as well as damage, and store them above foot height. Additionally, ensure the cables are never bent in a way which may damage them, or trapped in anything.

Secondly, you should always attempt to avoid damage from food and drink. Food and drink, especially drink, can damage electronic devices and even totally break them, potentially rendering the gadget valueless. Some electronic devices are fitted with coloured indicators which tell whoever you are attempting to sell it to that it has been water damaged. This means that, even if the device functions normally, you still may not be able to sell it if it has been damaged by liquids. The easiest way to minimise damage from food or drink is to avoid eating or drinking when using the device. Additionally, keep your electronic gadget away from anywhere it could be spilled on or get wet – kitchen sides, bathroom windowsills, or dining room tables are among the main dangers.

If your gadget does become damaged, then you may want to look into what repair you can do before selling it. If you can repair the damage for a low cost, then it could be worth fixing before sale. However, usually this is too costly and it is best to sell the gadget damaged for a professional to fix and sell on themselves.

If you have the appropriate boxes, manuals or cases that came with your gadget, then it is always best to keep hold of these as they can be a significant help when choosing to sell the gadget on. If you are planning to sell your electronics simply for recycling, then this may not be much of an issue. However, if you want to sell them as a full product then it could make all the difference.

Backing Up and Wiping Memory

If you are going to sell your laptop, you also need to ensure that you back it up and wipe its memory. On your gadget you may have information, documents or pictures that are important to you, so it is essential to make a second copy of it all. Even if you do not think there is anything of value on your device, it is always best to back it up just in case there is something you have overlooked.

Once you have backed up the data from your device, you must always completely wipe the device so that no personal or private information is accessible to whomever you sell the gadget to. There are a number of ways to do this, and a quick internet search or visit to your local electronics shop will help you wipe everything. Remember, it is not simply a matter of deleting files, as most electronic devices such as laptops, mobiles or tablets store the information in back-up folders, and the new owner may still be able to access sensitive information. If you are selling your laptop or other gadget to a gadget recycling company then they may do this for you, so it is worth finding out if the service is included in the sale.

Where Will Buy My Laptop and Other Gadgets?

When choosing who to sell your laptop and other gadgets to, you have a number of options. Broadly speaking, you can either sell your used electronics to a company or an individual. Either option has both advantages and disadvantages.

Selling to an individual can be advantageous as you tend to be able to charge more, so you may make more money from doing so. However, when selling to an individual you will certainly have to organise the wiping of your gadget yourself, and you place yourself at higher risk of any information still on the device being used maliciously. Selling to an individual can also cause complications if they are unsatisfied with the product, and may result in the gadget being returned and you losing money.

Selling to a company, on the other hand, presents fewer risks, although you might make slightly less profit from the exchange. Depending on the company which you sell your gadget to, many provide guarantees that the money they offer is the money you get, so you always know that you will get a good deal. Even if the company has to send the item back to you, perhaps if your assessment of the gadget is different to theirs, this is usually free. With free collection/delivery to the company in the first place, this means that the only possible loss is time.

When selling to a company, they will often also wipe the data from the gadget for you, meaning that you do not need to think much about privacy and your personal details. This can be a great relief, as often the concern when selling gadgets is that people will have access to sensitive information such as passwords. Since most of us do not know enough about our gadgets to be 100% sure the data has been erased, the guarantee of someone doing it for us can be ideal.

You should be wary, however, as some companies do not provide such options and are not so concerned with privacy. You should also be wary, no matter whether you are selling to a person or a company, as there are plenty of scammers out there who know how to draw you in. If a deal seems too good to be true, then it probably is.

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