What Should I Buy My Laptop? Top Five Accessories

Posted On January 6, 2016

Laptop accessories are available from many major brands, letting you make the most of your computer whether you are at home or on the move. Here are just five of the best accessories that you should buy my laptop.

Wireless Mouse
A wireless mouse, such as the affordable Logitech M185, means that you do not need to use your laptop’s touchpad to control the cursor. It is an accessory that can boost your productivity levels, and it also makes your laptop better for gaming.

wireless mouse

USB Stick
Adding extra storage to your laptop is easier and cheaper than ever thanks to the wide variety of USB sticks with onboard flash memory that are available today. Brands such as Kingston and Toshiba produce high-capacity sticks with up to 128GB of space on board, so you do not need to be limited.

Cooling Pad
If your laptop runs hot and slows down when the internal components heat up, then getting a cooling pad, also known as a chill mat, is a good idea. Some pads offer passive cooling capabilities by simply raising it off the surface of your desk or lap, while others have integrated fans for active cooling. Targus is one of the most popular producers of laptop cooling pads.

Cable Lock
When it comes to safety and security, a cable lock that prevents your laptop from being used without your intervention is a good investment. It acts as a deterrent for thieves and also means that the private data stored on your PC will not be accessible to malicious third parties. Brands such as Belkin and Kensington produce modern cable locks for various laptop models.

Carry Case
A bag to put your laptop into when you are on the move may seem like an obvious accessory to buy, but too many people are happy to throw their computer into a backpack or non-specialised bag, putting it at risk of damage. High-end offerings from the likes of Wenger provide excellent levels of protection and impressive laptop bag build quality.

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