Should You Trade In a Laptop or Keep It as a Backup?

Posted On November 16, 2015

If you are itching to upgrade your laptop and have your eye on a new machine to replace your existing portable PC, you may be wondering what to do with the outgoing computer.

This is a dilemma faced by many people, and there are two key choices. You could either trade in a laptop and get cash in exchange, or you could keep this old computer somewhere at home so that it can be called upon in an emergency.


To help you decide which route to take, here is a look at the benefits of each approach and a suggestion that you may have another option available.

Trade-In Benefits
Trading in a laptop is a good idea if you no longer need it, because you can get paid for the privilege and also take comfort in the knowledge that your computer is going to a better place, either to be repaired for reuse or to be recycled for its component materials.

The money you receive can then be used in whatever way you wish, whether that is to help buy a new PC or to invest in laptop insurance that will let you protect your latest laptop from unfortunate mishaps.

Sensible Retention
Keeping a laptop is a good idea if you know that you cannot do without one at all times and also appreciate that even a new computer can become faulty or suffer damage which is expensive to repair.

If you have room to store an old laptop at home, then this may be an option, while some people choose to turn their old PCs into media servers or use them as a backup storage device for important files.

The Third Way
Giving away an old laptop to a friend or family member who is in need can be an alternative to trading it in or holding on to it yourself. It may even be worth giving it to the kids so that they have access to a computer which is not too costly or new, making any problems that they cause easier to manage.

If you decide that it is a good idea to trade in a laptop, then you can find out the value of your old machines on the site and contact us if you need any help or guidance.

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