Should I Sell My Laptop to Get the New iPad Pro?

Posted On November 13, 2015

After months of speculation, the iPad Pro has finally been announced, arriving at a time when Apple has seen sales of its flagship tablet range stagnate. And this of course means that the company is hoping that this larger, more practical model will convince laptop owners that they really can give up on their traditional portable PC in favour of an iPad-only approach to mobile computing.


So does the iPad Pro live up to expectations, and will it threaten both standard laptops as well as Microsoft’s Surface Pro range of hybrid devices? Or will this push for a bigger display be given the cold shoulder by Apple’s faithful fans?

Bigger Is Better
With a 12.9 inch Retina Display, the iPad Pro is over three inches bigger than its standard stable mates in the screen department. And that extra space has not been achieved by compromising pixel density, so it means you should get the same crisp, clear experience as on the iPad Air 2.

The increased screen size does mean that the iPad Pro is larger and heavier than any previous Apple tablet, perhaps hampering its portability and usability for those who like to hold an iPad with a single hand. However, this is designed as a laptop replacement, so the added heft should not be an issue, especially as it is still under 800 grams and thus much lighter than almost every laptop on the market.

New Cover and Stylus Will Make Me Sell My Laptop
A smart keyboard cover is available for the iPad Pro, providing protection for the screen when not in use while also featuring a full QWERTY layout of buttons that should make typing easy.

Add to that the availability of the Apple Pencil and a new stylus which can let users draw, sketch and engage with apps in ways that were previously impossible, and you have a formidable tablet indeed.

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