Should I Buy My Laptop an Upgrade or Trade It for a New One?

Posted On November 20, 2015

Laptops can last for years, but over time they invariably become a sluggish shell of their former selves as their true hardware limitations are revealed. There are various ways to overcome common issues, but most people choose to either upgrade the hardware of their laptop or buy a new model altogether.


The question you have to ask is which approach will work for you. And here are the positive aspects of upgrading your laptop or replacing it outright, presented in a way that will let you make an informed decision.

Why Buy My Laptop an Upgrade?
An upgrade can be an affordable alternative to laptop replacement, as you can keep your current machine and simply augment it with extra hardware to boost its credentials.

The most common form of upgrade for laptops is storage, since external hard drives are very affordable and mean you do not need to delete precious files.

Many models also offer the opportunity to add more RAM, which can help improve load times and reduce performance issues. But this is not universally the case, and you should check if this is possible with your specific model.

Also be aware that the more complicated hardware upgrades require a little technical know-how and could put your laptop at risk of being damaged if you do not know what you are doing.

Why Sell My Laptop and Replace It?
If you sell your laptop and buy a new one, you can overcome performance issues and get access to the latest hardware and software in one fell swoop.

The only downside of doing so is that you may have to spend more than if you opted for a straightforward upgrade. But since you can get cash for your old laptop and use this to reduce the costs associated with procuring a new one, there is all the more reason to consider this a sensible option.

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