Sell My Old Laptop

Posted On May 8, 2015

Selling My Laptop

I’ve recently had to sell my old laptop and found the experience much more rewarding than I expected. Here are the main points you should consider when you sell your old laptop.


Personal data security was foremost in my mind when considering how to sell my laptop. The data stored on the hard drive can include bank account information, passwords and personal email correspondence. It was essential the hard drive is professionally wiped before I sell my old laptop.

Tip – Use Freeraser to quickly and easily erase files and folders permanently


In order to sell my old laptop for the most money, it is necessary to check the laptop over for any damage and to accurately describe this damage when the laptop is sold.

Check the laptops case, keyboard, screen bezel (the plastic surrounding the screen) and lid for any cracks or major scratches. If you find anything, make a note.

Check the laptops screen carefully, changing the background from solid white to solid black, and note any discolouration. Bright white patches are usually screen burn marks and will likely result in the laptop requiring a new screen.

Tip – In Microsoft Windows simply press the right mouse button anywhere on the desktop and then click “Personalise” or “Appearance” to change the desktop background to a solid white or black colour (making it easy to check for burn marks)


My old laptop was in a great condition and worked perfectly. It was pretty simple to sell my old laptop online with minimal fuss. The price you are able to command will be affected if your laptop is broken or has a fault.

Tip – Check the laptop powers up & loads the operating system. Check the keyboard works by pressing each key and check the mouse and buttons work.

How I Sold My Old Laptop

Once all the information required has been gathered, it is time to choose exactly how to sell my old laptop. The choices seem pretty clear; sell my old laptop privately using eBay or Gumtree, or sell my old laptop to a recycling company such as Cash in your Gadgets.

Although my laptop was in great condition and fully working, the process of listing the item on eBay was time-consuming and difficult. I don’t sell many items on eBay and therefore have a small amount of feedback, so the listing would likely not have sold for the highest possible price.

I decided to sell my laptop to Cash in your Gadgets, an online recycling company. They specialise in helping members of the UK public to sell their old laptops online.

The process was much simpler than eBay and I was able to get a guaranteed price instantly (unlike eBay).

Tip – Consider sites like Cash in Your Gadgets rather than eBay to sell your old laptop

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