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Posted On February 22, 2019

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While we hope you’ve already chosen Cash In Your Gadgets to sell a laptop to; we know there are lots of ways to do it.

This story is a few months old but with so many ways to recycle your old laptop out there we thought it is worth highlighting the importance of using a reputable company to sell your laptop to.

Always Use A Reputable Company If You Plan To Sell A Laptop

5 months ago the news broke that a lady who lived in Cornwall took her laptop to be recycled; several weeks later she was contacted by a gentleman who had found all of her personal data (including photos).

So how did her laptop end up being sold without her knowledge? When Ms Davies dropped the laptop off at the recycling centre she was advised to put it in the corner with other electrical devices. She assumed they would all be destroyed appropriately which is why they were in a pile.

The gentleman had purchased the second-hand hard disk from a local company who had somehow got hold of the device. The hard drive contained all of her documents and pictures; this potentially exposed Ms Davies to fraud and other crimes.

Keeping Your Personal Data Secure

It’s alarming how much information the gentleman could find on the device, yet its fortunate it fell into responsible hands. Most of us work on our laptops day in and day out; they contain our whole lives from email accounts to personal documents and online banking.

The Moral Of The Story

Always wipe your laptop before you recycle it. If you have devices laying around, don’t just take it to the recycling centre, they may be making money out of your old devices which you could be earning.

Always use a reputable laptop recycling company; at Cash In Your Gadgets we pay for your old devices, we also wipe your device when it arrives to ensure your data is never shared. We know it’s not always easy to know how to clean your device so we act as a back up using military grade software.

We strive to always give you a fair price for your device; this includes the protection of your data so once you sell it, you don’t have to worry about a random person setting up facebook profiles with your 2016 holiday snaps from Ibiza.

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