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Posted On April 9, 2015

Working out how best to sell a broken laptop online can seem a difficult task. Laptops come in a vast range of different makes, models and specifications to begin with; a laptop can then become damaged or broken in a number of ways, leaving you with a truly unique problem.

Where and how to recycle your broken laptop has become a lot easier in the past few years. Previously, eBay and other private sales channels were the only viable option when considering how to sell a broken laptop online. Thankfully, things have changed and online laptop recycling websites now offer a professional service and will take all the hassle out of the process.

Why use a recycling website to sell a broken laptop online?

Laptops have their own set of hazards when it comes time to dispose of them. Aside from getting a reasonable amount of money for your broken laptop (which is important), two other major concerns should be considered. Firstly, the personal data still stored on the hard drive (even if you have erased the data) and secondly the environmental impact of the battery and other components if they are not properly disposed of.

Selling or disposing of broken laptops via eBay offers no protection against the issues laid out above, but using professional laptop recycling services, such as Cash in Your Gadgets, protects you and the environment. Your data is protected by choosing to use a company like Cash in your Gadgets, as the laptops hard drive will be immediately and completely data wiped as soon as the broken laptop arrives with CIYG. The environment is protected as CIYG hold all necessary Environment Agency accreditations and abide to the highest standards of waste reduction and materials recycling procedures.

Best of all, people who sell their broken laptops online with Cash in Your Gadgets have the broken laptop collected free of charge and have their cash paid quickly via their preferred method.

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