Recycle Your Dell Laptop

Posted On March 11, 2015

As with any technology product, a time will arrive when you need to recycle your Dell laptop. It would be sensible for you to find a way to do this that offers both an excellent financial return as well as guaranteeing the destruction of any personal data still stored on the device’s hard drive.

Dell laptops have long been the gold standard for home portable computing. The reliable, customizable Dell Inspiron & latitude laptop series have been in production for over 15 years, selling millions of units worldwide.

Data Security

Choosing a trustworthy and reliable company is the highest priority, the cost of not doing so is massive. Your old Dell laptop may have more information stored on it than you imagine. Before you recycle your laptop, ensure the company you are using will completely and professionally destroy all data stored on the hard drive as part of the service.


Ensure you receive a fair price when you recycle or sell your laptop. Offers vary significantly from recycling company to recycling company. Still, the age and condition of the computer will have the most significant effect on the money you receive when you recycle your laptop.
Ensure you have the correct information on the Dell laptop’s model before you recycle your Dell laptop. You’ll find the model number for your Dell laptop around the keyboard or screen; check for this before recycling your Dell laptop.


While it is essential to protect your data and receive a fair price when you dispose of your Dell laptop, keeping the hassle and inconvenience to a bare minimum is also a factor. Select a company to that will provide a free courier collection and fast, convenient payment methods, and excellent customer service.

Recycle Your Dell Laptop with Cash in Your Gadgets.

CIYG offers a great price, complete data security, and a hassle-free service designed to make anyone happy to recycle Dell laptops online.

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