How to Sell Your HP Laptop

Posted On February 13, 2015

HP has long been one of the most stylish and desirable laptop brands in the world; selling millions of laptops every year. After owning a HP laptop, there will of course be a point at which you wish to sell your old HP laptop; wherever you intend to upgrade to a newer HP laptop model or change from a laptop to a tablet. At this point it is helpful to know how to identify the specification of your laptop and how you might restore it to factory settings, allowing you to sell your HP laptop for most the most money.

Identifying Your HP Laptop
HP sell laptops all over the world and have done so for over 2 decades. HP laptops sell with a vast range of different processors and hardware specifications. In order to sell your HP laptop online it is necessary to identify the processor (CPU) found in the laptop. The CPU of a HP laptop can be found by either accessing bios, through Windows or by looking at the laptops model number or other information on found on the laptop its.

Finding the Model Number for your HP Laptop
To sell your HP laptop you will need to identify the laptops specification, including the CPU, this can easily be achieved by finding the laptops full model number. Check the base of your HP laptop for a 6 – 8 digit model number, usually found on the base itself or under the battery.

Example HP model numbers include G6-1001SA

Google this model number and you’ll find information from HP and other sources about your laptops specification; making it much easier to sell your hp laptop online or elsewhere.

Identify the Processor using Windows in order to Sell your HP Laptop
Assuming you wish to sell your HP laptop in a working condition, you should be able to identify the laptops processor using the Windows operating system. Load Windows (any version except Windows 8) and click the Start button in the bottom left corner. Now right click on “computer” or “My Computer” and then left click on “properties”. You will now see the processor information and are well on the way to sell your HP laptop online.

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