How Does Condition Affect Amount of Cash for Laptop?

Posted On June 3, 2015

Cash in your Gadgets and Laptops

If you want cash for your laptop, then you might be wondering how the condition of the laptop affects the amount of money you will receive for it. Most things decline in value with age, including laptops, and this decline is sharpened by damage. Read on to find out more about how the condition and functionality of your gadget can affect how much cash for your laptop you will receive.

Working Laptop

The best prices are obviously given for a working laptop, allowing for wear and tear but without damage. This will get you the most cash for your laptop, although prices will still be at least half of the original price. A laptop is classed as working if it turns on and off, is fully functional, has a working and intact screen, includes the original battery, is not crushed or water damaged and includes all extras such as power leads.

Working With Faults

The amount of cash for your laptop you will be given reduces somewhat depending on the extent of any damage. For a laptop to be classed as working with faults, or working with damage, it also must meet certain criteria. A laptop classed as working with faults must turn on and display information but may have a damaged CD/DVD drive, damaged casing, no battery or power lead, a broken or missing battery cover, faulty or missing keyboard/keys, a minor screen problem, a broken trackpad/mouse pad or broken mouse buttons. Laptops that are classed as working with faults are often still worth a fair amount of money, but the price offered may be slightly less than that offered for a working laptop. You may even find that the percentage it is reduced by tends to depend on how much it was worth in the first place, with more valuable laptops decreasing by less. For example, an Apple laptop (depending on its processor) may reduce in value from £155 to £125 or from £55 to £42.50.

Non-working/ Heavy Damage

The final category that affects the amount of cash for your laptop you will receive is recycle only – when the laptop is not working or is heavily damaged. This applies when the laptop has multiple points of damage or is physically broken beyond repair, has major cracks, has broken hinges, is water damaged, does not power up, has a broken screen, or has a Bios or Start up password that cannot be removed (not Windows passwords). Since these laptops can only be recycled, their value can drop dramatically, although selling is still often a good idea when the only other solution is throwing it away. For example, an Apple laptop may reduce from its ‘working’ value of £155 to £70 or from £55 to £20, depending on its processor.

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