Falling Trade In Laptop Market Prompts Rumours of Major Merger

Posted On March 9, 2016

A combination of factors has caused laptop sales to fall over the past decade, with the rise of smartphones and tablets being the biggest culprit behind the decline of the market for traditional portable PCs.

This has put companies which trade in laptop sales on the back foot, with many household names struggling to make ends meet in spite of their past dominance.


Now sources quoted by DigiTimes suggest that three major brands could be joining forces to build laptops together, creating a new powerhouse that could create more stability in the future.

Three Kings

The firms in question are former Sony-owned laptop maker Vaio, which was sold off by the Japanese tech giant last year, along with Toshiba and Fujitsu. And rumours of a merger are being given even more credence by the fact that Chinese manufacturer Pegatron has reportedly been ordered to halt the production of hundreds of thousands of laptops as the companies prepare to enter this new partnership.

Both Vaio and Toshiba have new laptop models on the way, with the latter announcing a model designed to compete with Microsoft’s Surface Pro range last month. As a result, it will be interesting to see whether a merger does occur and if sales rise as a result.

Small Successes

In spite of the problems that laptop makers have been experiencing in recent years, there are signs of positive developments on the horizon for the market. Sales growth has been achieved by Apple thanks to its MacBook range, while the popularity of hybrid devices that offer tablet-like features along with keyboard covers and docking stations is giving other manufactures the chance to build momentum.

If a new triumvirate of organisations come together to build cutting-edge laptops, then a competitive spirit could return to the market.

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