What determines the price of your laptop or phone?

Posted On June 27, 2017

You may have wondered what determines the price of your old phone and why we still accept them even if they are broken. The simple answer to this is, we’re not always looking for working devices; it’s great when they are in a good condition as we can sell them on. We can also replace any components that have issues and restore them to a good working condition; but if your phone, tablet or computer is well and truly broken we strip them down.

So what determines how much they are worth? Well, it’s a combination of the list below.


Age plays a huge part in the pricing of a product; many of the gadgets we receive can be taken apart and components reused in other working devices. If you’re selling us your old phone there’s a chance we can restore it and sell it on in the future, alternatively, we can take out the working parts and repair others in a good condition.
Unfortunately the older the phone, laptop or tablet, the less we can sell them for and it’s less likely we’ll have any waiting for repair.


The model and make can have an effect on the money you can earn from your old devices. This can be for many reasons including the popularity of a device or the amount of scrap metal in a product. If your mobile, laptop or tablet has a lot of precious metals within the device we can offer you more when buying it as the recycling value is greater.

Broken Device

Unfortunately, your old laptop, phone or tablet will eventually give up the ghost. Depending on the device issue, we can sometimes repair it ready to sell on to a new home.
What constitutes as a working phone/laptop and damaged phone/laptop can make a lot of difference but it’s always better to get some cash for it than none at all. If the phone doesn’t function properly then chances are you’re only going to get scrap value for your device. If it’s working and damaged we can always work to replace parts so you’ll get a little more cash.

Our promise

We’re dedicated to giving you great service and ensuring we’re always fair to you which is why if we find your device in a better condition than you thought, we’ll give you what its worth. If you overestimate the condition of your gadget then we’ll send you a revised offer which you can choose to accept or have your product returned.

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