A good time to sell laptop as smartphones cool down?

Posted On October 19, 2015


Now is time to sell a laptop as the market for mobile gadgets is volatile, with fluctuations in trends leading to peaks and troughs of consumer interest. And as a result, even the biggest smartphone manufacturers on the planet can feel the pinch from time to time.

CNET reports that Samsung is amongst the big names that are coming up against tough times at the moment, with sales for Q2 of 2015 failing to meet analyst expectations in spite of the launch of two new flagship devices.

Meanwhile, Taiwanese firm HTC has returned to making a loss in spite of finding success with its top-tier devices in 2013 and 2014, indicating that even companies which have a lot of influence over the industry can fall out of favour with consumers and thus tumble from the top of the sales chart.

This is not just about the commercial viability of smartphones in principle, but also the way people are buying and using their devices.

The 12- to 24-month upgrade cycle under which most mobile contracts operate means that people have the option to get a new device relatively regularly. But at the moment, many are choosing to stick with their old device and instead pay a reduced monthly rate for line rental.

This means fewer smartphones are being sold, and the surplus of the devices produced is eating into manufacturers’ profits.

Of course, in turn this means that there is plenty of supply, and so mobile deals are becoming very affordable for anyone who is in the position to secure a new device on a fresh contract. So to help cut the costs even further, people can sell laptop devices and other unwanted electronics to sweeten the deal.

The one exception in all this is of course Apple, which has gone from strength to strength and is expected to launch yet another big-selling iPhone later in 2015. Only the stagnation of iPad sales has soured this firm’s performance.

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