I Know I Can Get Cash for My Laptop, But How Much

Posted On January 7, 2016

Your old laptop might still be your faithful computing sidekick, or it could be gathering dust while you spend all your time on an iPad. But at some point you might think of selling it, which is a good idea if you are doing a bit of a de-clutter at home. So what affects how much it is worth, and what would you expect to make from selling a specific laptop model?

Dell Laptop

Calculating Value
There are four different factors that will go into determining how much money you make when you get cash for my laptop: the age, the condition, the brand and the specifications. And these are not weighted equally in most instances, with individual laptops being valued on various merits and pitfalls that they may feature.

If a laptop is in pristine condition, then it will clearly be worth more than one which has superficial damage caused by regular use. But as long as a laptop is in working order, it will still be worth something.

A laptop’s brand is a trickier topic, although there are two main camps. If you have a Windows-powered laptop built by mainstream manufacturers such as Dell, Acer and HP, then the likelihood is that it will be worth less than an equivalently aged and specified model from Apple running OS X. The desirability of Apple’s brand does a lot to maintain value over time.

Getting a Good Price
Selling your laptop privately may be the way to get the highest possible price, but there are plenty of problems with taking the route, including having to deal with time-wasters and people who want to haggle.

Therefore selling your laptop to a site such as ours will give you a no-nonsense approach to parting ways with your old computer, as well as the opportunity to quickly discover its value.

Your next question may be “Why should I get cash for my laptop?” And there are many answers. Perhaps you need a little extra money, you do not use it anymore after buying a tablet, or you are thinking of getting a new laptop and want to reinvest some of your old model’s residual value. So get a quote on our site to unlock cash from your portable PC.

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