How To Make New Gadgets Last Longer

Posted On April 9, 2018

Phone in water

Everybody has that fear when they buy a new device that the battery will eventually become as poor as it’s predecessor; for this reason, we thought we’d write you a blog on how to make new phones and laptops last longer.

Phones & PC’s

Some of these tips may sound obvious but they really can make a difference to the longevity of your phone or PC. Both devices can experience a decline in battery quality and can often be exposed to screen and water damage.

The Screen:

Most devices come to us with some form of screen damage; we’ve all been there, we drop our phones from a substantial height and the screen survives, but a drop a few months later from barely any height and it smashes…

It’s important to remember with every drop the phone is damaged by the vibrations, multiple drops build up over time; eventually resulting in a shattered screen.

Laptops and PC’s are slightly different as they aren’t carried around quite as often as a mobile (the clue is in the name, mobile). Our best advice is to invest in a quality case, this can provide protection from unnecessary pressure on the screen.

The Battery:

Did you know your phone has a lifecycle? There’s a set number of charge cycles your phone should go through before the battery begins to deteriorate.

When you first buy a phone, wait until it’s completely dead until you charge it, you should charge it until full, and then drain it completely. Repeat this 4-5 times, then you can begin charging it daily.

It’s advised you should only charge your phone when it really needs it; you shouldn’t charge your phone before it reaches 20% and should never be left on charge all the time. If you leave your phone on charge overnight you may risk overcharging it; this can lead to overheating of a battery causing it to degrade over time.

Water Damage:

Water damage is possibly one of the worst things you can experience with a phone. The time you have to wait to see if it’s survived is painstaking!

Unfortunately, there’s no clear way to ensure your phone survives a submersion; but there are a few tips which can give you a fighting chance…

If your phone or PC is dropped in water or has liquid spilt on it, make sure you take it out and switch it off immediately. This can prevent any electrical current being shorted due to the liquid.

Corrosion is another great killer of PC’s and mobiles; if you own a phone or PC which isn’t a sealed unit, be sure to remove anything that can be removed. For example, a case, SD cards, SIM Card, CD’s etc etc. Ensuring as much air as possible can get into the device will ensure it dries out as thoroughly as possible.

Whatever you do, don’t use a hairdryer. The heat from this can expand the components and cause even further damage. Leaving the device in a bowl of rice or an airing cupboard until the following day can ensure it has a fighting chance.

Sell Your Old Phone

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