How to Find the Processor Information before you Sell your Laptop?

Posted On January 29, 2015

There are a number of reasons why you would need to know the processor type found in your laptop, not least among these are when you come to sell your laptop.

What is a Processor?

The Central Processing Unit (CPU) or chip, is your laptop’s brain and deals with the calculations that underpin the operating system and any programs that run on the laptop.

CPU’s are constantly getting cheaper and the speeds they can produce increases at an incredible rate; in fact, the fastest chips available double every two years in a phenomenon called Moore’s law

What Type is Your Laptop?

So if you are looking to sell your laptop one of the simplest ways to identify the processor found in your laptop is to look on the palmrest for a sticker from the processor manufacturer. 99% of all commercial laptop processors in the UK are produced by two companies, Intel and AMD, these companies tend to place a sticker with their logo for the processor type used in any laptop and this is often placed on the palmrest near the keyboard. Below are two examples of these stickers.

AMD A8 Chip
Intel I3 Chip

My Laptop doesn’t have a Sticker

Don’t panic! There are plenty of ways for us to establish the processor type without needing to refer to a sticker; these methods can depend slightly on the version of Windows your laptop is using.

Using ANY Windows Operating System

If you laptop has both a Windows Key (shown below) and a Pause/Break key, then pressing these two keys together will instruct your laptop to show the system and processor information.




Using Windows XP, Vista or 7

Click the start button in the bottom left corner of the screen. Right click on My Computer and then Left click “properties”, you will not be presented with the laptops processor type and other system properties.

Using Windows 8

Press the Windows key on the keyboard or the Windows button in the bottom left corner. Now type “processor” and click on “view processor information”. You will now be presented with the laptops processor information.

Hopefully it will be much easier to sell your laptop now you have accurate information on the processor found within it. Check out how much Cash In Your Gadgets offer for your laptop.

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