Cool things to do with your old PC

Posted On June 22, 2017

We’re all about recycling things here at Cash In Your Gadgets, but we also love seeing old products get used in weird and wonderful ways. Haven’t you always wondered what happens to the really old gadgets that you can’t get much money for because they are so vintage? We took to the internet to find out some of the best methods of recycling the exterior part of an old laptop or PC.

Make a Vintage Cat Bed

Why not turn your old computer monitor (non–flat screen), into a cat bed? Cat’s love computers. Take one look at the internet,  and it’s hard to miss the cat memes. They love to sit on computer keyboards, in front of the monitor or behind a laptop so why not give them the ultimate cat bed made from your old PC screen?

Turn it into an aquarium

Now, this one looks quite tricky to complete; we’d maybe put it at level 9 due to the hazards of water and electricity. It’s pretty cool though and has to be the ultimate geek fish tank.
With a little perseverance and some serious DIY skills, you can actually turn your old desktop PC into a fish tank. Not only does this one save the environment from dumping your PC but it also prevents you buying a plastic fish tank, so ultimately very eco-friendly.


Build a robot

This one more cute than practical, it has no real purpose but it’s definitely a great way to recycle your gadgets. It may not work as a computer anymore but with a few screws, a bit of creativity and a little polish you can turn your old computer components into a little desktop robot.

Recycle Robot

Photo Credit: totalgeekdom

Turn it into a mailbox

You’re sure to impress the postman, the neighbours and the kids with this cool mailbox. By gutting the inside of a computer you leave yourself plenty of space for newspapers, parcels and post. Add a lock to the case and mount it outside the house and you’ve got the perfect new postbox.


Turning your old gadgets into something cool is a lot of effort and chances are like the cat bed you bought, the cat will still prefer to sit right in the way of you working.

If crafting your gadgets into something new isn’t your style you can always leave it to the professionals to recycle them properly, we can’t guarantee we won’t do this but the interior will be safely destroyed.
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