IBM Micro PC

Posted On March 19, 2018

IBM nano Computer

While many phones have affectionately been named ‘phablets’ as they get bigger; it appears IBM have been working on our PC’s becoming Micro PC’s. Their latest device which was announced this week is said to be smaller than a grain of salt!

IBM News

Smaller than a grain of salt and named ‘dot’. This nano PC is thought to have the potential to save $600 billion a year in counterfeit goods.

The reason for the development? It’s to enable even the smallest of devices to be computerised. Measuring 1 x 1mm it holds the same power as an X86 pc from the 1990’s. Although that doesn’t seem powerful at the moment, all in good time; we never expected to own 500gb micro SD cards.

What Can We Expect From Them In The Future?

It’s thought we might see technology like this in packages to ensure greater shipping control for valuable goods. Due to its size, it’s possible it can be added to a huge number of products including helping the prevention of counterfeit goods.

It’s thought there will be a dramatic fall in cost and size of the computer in the future, making it possible to incorporate them into products to protect consumers.


As a gadget recycling company, we like to look at how eco-friendly a product can be. This tiny computer is as good as it gets; it runs completely on solar power while using LED lights to communicate, could be one of the most energy-efficient computers to date.

When computers begin using technology like this nano chip, it’s likely there will be fewer chemicals used. Hopefully this will eventually lead to less toxic waste when a computer is broken down after use.

When Will It Come To Market?

Currently, details are quite scarce, but we’re wondering how you’d go about making sure you don’t lose something so small!

It won’t be long before it’s with us though as IBM’s head of research, Arvind Krishna said: “Within the next five years, cryptographic anchors — such as ink dots or tiny computers smaller than a grain of salt — will be embedded in everyday objects and devices,”.

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