Apple’s Self Drive Car

Posted On January 4, 2018

Apple isn’t the most likely candidates to create a self drive car, but in recent months there’s been quite a lot of talk about apples latest tech.

Under Wraps

The self drive car is still officially unannounced but the company has been said to be working on its automotive tech with a not so secret code name of ‘project Titan’. It’s been in progress since 2014 and intended to build the vehicle from start to finish.

In recent months the project has been put on hold, it appears it’s been attempting to perfect the technology. When you consider how inaccurate Siri can be we’re glad they are taking the time to perfect it. We envisage asking to be dropped off in Chester and ending up in Chichester.

Apple isn’t just looking at the Car market but also looking into incorporating the smart home market including smart garages and driveways.

What it looks like

A video appeared online of Project Titan and it looks, like a car with few attachments. It looks like it’s been fitted with sensors and cameras.

Re-Starting The PRoject

Apple appears to be hiring again, looking for people with experience with autonomous vehicle software. The competition in the sector is extremely fierce with the race to achieve the first self-driving vehicle. There are over 250 companies and startups working on the idea that we may never need a designated driver again.

It’s also reported Apple applied for a permit to test autonomous vehicle in Califonia, this is to potentially test its autonomous software to be used on existing car markers.

The future

While the race to produce the first driverless cars continues we started to look at how they could affect our day to day lives in the future. We suspect we won’t be seeing driverless cars taking over for a fair few years; it’s more likely we’ll experience driverless UBER first.
Uber will first need to sort out their reputation but once it’s back on track, the driverless car option will help to combat their zero hours contract/ self-employed staffing issue.

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