Apple in Trouble for Slowing iPhones

Posted On January 19, 2018

You may have seen in the news; Apple is in trouble for slowing down iPhones since the latest launch. It’s been said to be in a bid to encourage users to upgrade…

In the latest news, both South Korea and Italy are now joining the campaign to prevent apple doing this to its customers. The group, Citizens United for Customer Sovereignty has already filed a lawsuit against Apple. While the French government are also investigating; their efforts focus on whether Apple’s actions are considered ‘programmed obsolescence’ which is illegal.

To add even more fuel to the fire; Italy opened a formal investing into the matter while also investigating their competitor Samsung.

What are they Actually Doing?

It’s quite hard to keep up with what’s going on; Apple phones have begun to slow down when a battery becomes old and unable to cope with the applications on the phone. This is to reduce the number of iPhones shutting down ‘randomly’ when the phone is using large quantities of power.

Throttling works to slow down the phone, turning off some of the important features as the phone becomes older. In theory, if it didn’t happen the phone wouldn’t be able to provide enough power forcing it to turn off. However, it appears that even iPhone users who have had their batteries replaced are falling victim to the slowdown.

How are These Companies Getting Away With it?

Unfortunately, companies like Apple and Samsung have got away with slowing down devices thanks to the increase in technology. When a new device is released they claim the old software needs to be updated for this device; unfortunately, the old software lacks components to curb the performance times, forcing consumers to buy new versions.

It looks as if consumers are getting to the stage where they aren’t willing to put up with this, forcing official bodies from multiple countries to launch investigations and lawsuits

How Does This Affect Me?

It’s not quite clear how this will affect iPhone and Samsung users. This week Apple released a statement about batteries which are suffering due to the update. They mentioned there will be an ISO update informing users if their phone is being slowed down due to the age of its battery. It will give users the opportunity to switch off the power management feature if they choose to, however, apple advise not to do this.

Unfortunately, the statement appears to highlight who’s having the issue but doesn’t actually provide an ‘advised’ solution for it.

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