Apple Health App To Store Medical Records

Posted On February 2, 2018

Apple’s been in the news a lot lately; the latest update from them details an update to iOS13 enabling them to store your medical records in the Apple Health app.

Apple Health App

Apple health app isn’t just handy for working out your daily step count… or lack of! If you’ve been using the app properly since it’s launch, you should have a database of; medication, emergency contacts, exercise and sleep patterns.

Although it seem’s like a logical step for the company to take, there are a lot of risks. We’re not sure it’s going to go down well with the general public.

The benefit of storing this information is instant access to allergies, current medication, immunizations and lab results. These are all important for when you’re abroad and you can’t remember what vaccinations you’ve had. Often it can save vital time contacting the emergency services at home or your local GP who holds a copy of your records.

Why Include This Information

Apple is utilising existing records and automating real-time data. Eventually, they will be able to save your doctor time contacting you with lab results, once it’s on the system it could ping a message to your phone. If you’re someone who has to track blood tests, cholesterol or any other medical data on a daily or weekly basis; it can help you to manage your own condition.

The information can also prove invaluable should an accident ever happen; emergency services have the ability to look at your medical data prior to administering any help. If you’re in an accident and are on medication, it can aid the team in dealing with you before administering drugs which could conflict.

Available in the USA

At the moment the new update is only available in the USA where Apple has teamed up with a number of medical companies to bring the data to your phone.

At the moment it’s very state specific so it won’t be available across the whole of the USA; to begin with it will be used in Maryland, California, Pennsylvania, North Carolina, Illinois, Nevada, Louisiana, Virginia, Ohio and Missouri. If the update proves successful it will no doubt be rolled out across the whole of America and eventually around the world.

Should Apple Have our Data?

It’s quite frightening to think that Apple would have access to such personal data; once they have this, it could be used at any point in the future. For this reason, it’s no surprise that only a limited number of hospitals are joining the scheme in the USA.

Your medical records can hold some extremely private information which could frighten many iPhone users. The most worrying part of this latest update; your data would be stored on a device that is notorious for going missing or being stolen.

We’re not 100% convinced by this, but if you’d have said 15 years ago that you’d be tracked everywhere you go by your mobile, we’d have been totally against that too.

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