7 Features you never knew your Mac had

Posted On December 1, 2017

When you swap from a PC to a mac there’s a whole host of new commands to learn. From using the apple alternative to Alt to using multiple fingers to scroll up and down a page it all feels a little alien but soon becomes second nature.

With so many basic commands to learn it’s no surprise there may be additional ones, you weren’t familiar with.

1. Smart Folders

These are ridiculously helpful if you use a mac for work. When you save multiple files in folders things become a little complicated when you begin trying to find something. The new smart folder enables you to tag certain files with search criteria enabling you to bring up search criteria much faster.

2. Hot Corners

You can set up hot corners in your system preferences under the desktop screensaver area. Here you will be able to assign the 4 corners of your screen to perform a different action; for example launching your notifications, putting your computer to sleep or moving to your desktop.

3. Boot camp

Bootcamp has been around for a while but many Mac users aren’t aware that you can run windows with boot camp. The tool takes a section of your hard drive and enables you to run windows from this section; to use it though you will need to ensure you have a full windows licence.

4. Automate tasks

It’s never fun when you have to repeat a task, the Apple Automator is possibly one of our favourites yet well-hidden tools on a Mac.
It’s quite hard to tell what it actually does, it’s called workflow and it can be set up to convert files, re-name images, open pages and run backups. Apple has a full guide on the topic to help you get started. https://support.apple.com/en-gb/guide/automator/welcome

5. Airdrop

This tool is a little more common as many iPhone users take advantage of AirDrop to share photos and files from their phone. If you work in an office full of Mac users it’s also available on your mac which makes for very easy sharing.

6. Sign Documents without printing

It’s always annoying when someone sends you something to sign, printing it off to scan it and send back always feels like a waste of paper. In the tools menu, you can now choose to annotate, sign and manage signatures.
There are two ways to get your signature onto your mac. The first is to hold up a copy of your signature to your webcam; your mac can track it and turn this into a signature. The second, you can use your tracker/mouse to draw a digital version although these never quite look accurate. When you’re done, these can be added to documents without the need to print and scan.

7. Record screen activity

Have you ever wondered how people record their screen activity so smoothly? Mac users don’t have the need to download and pay for any additional software to conduct a screen record. On a mac, all you need is QuickTime player, if you select ‘file’, and choose new screen recording you’re then ready to go.
If you’re looking to record whats happening on your iPad, all you have to do is plug it in and select the device.

So if you’re looking at getting a mac this Christmas, there are a few extra features you’ll be able to play with!

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